Kate Vogele


Kate has come a long way since starring on “ONE TREE HILL”. Her music is honest and fresh, with lyrics that speak from the heart.

Kate showed up to the show without her guitar! The airline had “misplaced it.” I would have been nuts, by Kate was calm and not phased. Our sponsor Gibson got her a guitar at  the last minute. She played that J-150 like it was her own.

We talked about her family, her T.V career, and her love of music. She writes in “SANDCASTLES” about her “6 string religion.” What a beautifully descriptive way to talk about the love of guitar, and the need to play it.

In the audience that night, fans from all over the country. Some have seen Kate dozens of times. For some, this was their first time. A young fan in the front row, sitting just feet from me, was wearing red cowboy boots. Inspired by another line from “SANDCASTLES.” Kate noticed the boots and spoke directly to the young girl. It made her night!

We talked about failed relationships, and being in love with “who I wish you were.” A great line from her song “WISH YOU WERE.” But not all of her relationships end in song! After the show, Kate took pictures with fans, and as I was leaving, she made a quick call to her boyfriend to see if the airline had found her guitar!