Ian Axel


Ian has been compared to Elton John, Billy Joel and Ben Folds. An Indie Pop Star on the rise, Ian’s voice is only matched by his brilliant piano playing.

Ian is shy by nature, but for Rock Talk, he opened up. We talked about his childhood, his insecurities and his passion. Believe it or not, singing wasn’t part of that passion, at least not until he met his best friend Chad Vaccarino. Chad pushed Ian to sing, as well as play his songs on piano. From the first note, Chad knew he was right. Now, the two are partners in a new project called “A great big world.”

During the show, we heard Ian’s break out hit, “THIS IS THE NEW YEAR,” featured in a major motion picture and an MTV series. But for me, the most poignant moment of the evening was when Ian began to play “SAY SOMETHING.” A personal favorite of mine, this song’s emotion is as raw as it gets. A failed relationship… the pain and confusion it caused. Ian’s voice soared over the piano, even when his head was nearly resting on the keys. Everyone in that room felt his pain… and could relate to it.

Chad eventually joined Ian on stage and together they performed several songs. Their voices were meant to be together. The harmony, the chemistry was dead on. They were playful and honest.

The night ended with a stripped down, acoustic version of “SHORTY.” The perfect punctuation to an evening of music and a glimpse into the soul of a brilliant musician.