Doo Wop Project


With several members of the Broadway hit “Jersey Boys,” DWP is dynamic and charismatic. Their harmony and chemistry is bringing doo wop to the masses.

This show was unlike any other we’ve done. Instead of one musician on stage… we had the five guys in the DWP and five band members backing them up. We thought it might be too crowded, but it wound up feeling really warm and comfortable. The room was packed and so was the stage!

The guys began with some classic doo wop like “SINCE I DON’T HAVE YOU” by The Skyliners and “DENISE” by Randy and the Rainbows. We talked about how they all got into the business, their big breaks and their setbacks.

Who knew the deepest voice in the group Dwayne Cooper used to be on the hit show “RuPaul”s Drag Race?” What a voice… what amazing voices they all have. Together it was just magic.

But here is the genius of the DWP. They don’t just do the classics. They make Doo Wop relevant for a younger generation! We heard Michael Jackson’s “THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL,” and my favorite of the night… “VALERIE.” Amy Winehouse’s version was amazing. Bruno Mars sang his heart out… But the DWP did it 50′s style!