Charlotte Sometimes


The world was introduced to Charlotte on “THE VOICE,” a year after she performed on Rock Talk. Charlotte is a powerful singer. Her lyrics are edgy and clever.

When Charlotte walks into a room, people pay attention. Her long dark hair and her robust personality make it difficult not to. The first thing she told me… “I’m an open book. Let’s talk about everything!” And so we did. For starters, her hit “HOW I COULD JUST KILL A MAN” has nothing to do with actually killing a man. But it does give you an idea of how she writes, and how she thinks.

Charlotte is actually Jessica Poland, from Wall Township New Jersey. A rare jaw disease almost ended her career before it began, but not even major surgery could stop her. A Jersey girl through and through. Yes there were some F-bombs dropped that night, and yes her grandmother was in the audience. Charlotte is as honest and open as it gets.

This night, she played several unreleased songs. Her fans loved hearing them for the first time. We were honored she chose Rock Talk to debut them. But perhaps my favorite song of the night was an older song, and an encore. Charlotte and I had talked about how we both have trouble sleeping, which is why I was immediately drawn to her song “LOSING SLEEP.” In it she sings, “I’m awake but I’ve been losing sleep. I’ve been fighting all my demons, I’ve been getting weak, cause I’ve been trying to be anything but me.” Anyone who has ever had trouble sleeping (100 million Americans do!) can relate to this dark, hopeless emotion.

The audience wanted more… so Charlotte played more than she was expecting to. It was that kind of night. So much energy and excitement, everyone was worn out. I actually slept well for once! Thanks Charlotte.