Brendan James


Brendan has recorded with Carly Simon and toured with John Legend and Paula Cole. A soulful voice and lyrics to match, make him a rising star.

Brendan is unassuming and quiet. But when he sat down at that piano and began to play, he was in command of the entire room. His soft, pitch perfect voice on “LUCKY ONES” was a giant! “With our hearts in our hands like loaded guns, We’re taking our chance, we’re the lucky ones.” Who writes like that? Amazing, and clearly why Carly Simon took notice. Brendan told me how he got a call one day. Carly Simon wanted him to come to her house and write with her. Does it get any better than that?

We talked about everything from musical inspirations to religion! Nothing was off limits. Like most songwriters, Brendan has suffered in relationships. “THE FALL” is a great example of that. His imagery of his drive to J.F.K in silence is the perfect set up to the rest of the song. We have all had to let someone go and hope they come back. That’s why Brendan’s music is so relatable. It’s real and straight forward, yet his lyrics are complex and clever.

“NOTHING FOR GRANTED” was a highlight. He sang, “Love your secrets bottled up, but love them more when you give them up.” Good advice to us all.

When the night ended, Brendan hung out with some fans who stayed to meet him. After that he was off to tour with any number of popular bands… who just happened to be smart enough to have Brendan James join them!