Rock Talk: Intimate Conversations With... a collaboration between two friends, who love music.

Rich Aronstein is an idea man. That’s what people call him. He is always looking for something unique and different to offer audiences. One night, it hit him… a live music show… a cross between “Inside the Actor’s studio” and “Unplugged”.

The next morning, Phil’s cell phone rang. “Hey, it’s Rich – I have this crazy idea. A live talk show, with cool rock artists, talking about how and why they write songs. What goes into performing, and who their influences were/are. In between the stories, they perform.”

“Great Idea… sounds fantatsic,” Phil responded. “I’m in!” And that was the beginning.

Phil loves music and interviewing people, so it was a natural fit. The energy and excitement started to build. Their conversation that day was not long… they knew what they needed to do and were excited to get started. Together, they created Rock Talk.

In the following days and weeks, Phil and Rich brainstormed about everything from artists, to the format of the show. They met with Gibson Guitars! The iconic company loved the idea and signed on as sponsor. Soon after, the live shows began.

From the first show to the present, Rock Talk is growing, evolving, and getting more industry attention. The show allows fans to understand why an artist writes what they write. It shows them where the words come from, and what brought the musician to “that place.” It’s all about letting fans into a world most never get to see… through song and through the conversation. An intimate, very personal, rare treat these days.

That is Rock Talk.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Juli Auclair, John Iachetti and the staff at Feinstein’s at the Loews Regency, Rob Cantwell, Perchik Kreiman-Miller, Sloan Alexander, Sonny Paladino and the band, Suzanne Moore, Jim Felber, Kate Voegele, Charlotte Sometimes, Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino, Brendan James, The Doo Wop Project (Jarrod Spector, Domonic Scaglione, Domonic Nolfi, John Edwards, Dwayne Cooper), and all the agents and managers who believe in Rock Talk!